“International Day of Listening”

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Hello Listeners of the World,

Hey! Have you heard? The whole world will be listening Thursday September 15 on this first “International Day of Listening” being created and sponsored by the ILA-International Listening Association.

The world definitely could use more listening right now – and you too can be part of this!


We are more than delighted to participate to this event by suggesting an exercise you can do to increase your listening awareness and your ability to focus.

« When am I listening or being listened to »?



Please take a look at the website


and find out about how “Listening Makes Us More Human.”


Spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else who would be interested in participating.

Get the word out through your email contacts and social media sites, like us on Facebook and Twitter #Listenup2016

And pass the website and any appropriate information on to the schools in your area, to local government, local businesses, organizations, churches, journalists, etc.

« Be part of the conversation! »


There are lots of ways to celebrate listening, so let’s get started telling the world to become all ears for International Day of Listening!


Jean-François Mathieu (jfm)




ILA www.listen.org

ILA logo horiz

Sheila Bentley, Margarete Imhof, and the IDL organizers.

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