Ten Listening Tips – #10

Leaders Today is affiliated with the International Listening Association. We’re pleased to share this exceptional video series to help you prepare for the International Day of Listening, to learn about and practice the skills of Listening.

This series is a fantastic opportunity to become aware of some of your listening behaviors.

Jean Francois had the privilege of contributing to this video series, helping to unify the look and adding extracts of his music. In his own words:

It was fun and enlightening to discover the specific talent and approach of some of my ILA listening friends.

We’ll be sharing these ten Tips one at a time during the few days left before the 21st of September.

Tip#10 Respond to show you’ve listened and understood


The whole series is also on the IDL website. Enjoy!




Jean-François MATHIEU (jfm) September 2017

Music composer, improviser, producer, teacher, Listening Culture Designer

Contact, details and more about our Listen and Lead programs on www.leaderstoday.co/listen-lead

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